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Wii Media Center Software
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Finance > Insurance > Home InsuranceBrass Buddha Statue: An Excellent Choice to Amplify Properties in the Home
Posted by craftvatika in Finance on March 8th Kyrie Irving Cavaliers Jersey , 2017

One of the best pieces that you can place inside your home in order to make your rooms more elaborate are brass Buddha statues. Even if you are not a Buddhist, putting a brass Buddha statue in your house can make a good difference in its feel and vibe. Did you know that these statues are believed to attract positive energy? There are plenty of Buddha statues sold all over the world, and the two most common that you will find are that of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha and that of the laughing Buddha, which appears to have Chinese ancestry.

Different types of Buddha can attract different vibes or types of energy into your home. As an example, the laughing Buddha is believed to bring abundance and good luck in the western culture. It is also said that rubbing the tummy of the laughing Buddha will bring even better fortune. Where you will place your Buddha statue is also important. Since the laughing Buddha attracts abundance and prosperity Kyle Korver Cavaliers Jersey , it is best to position it in your “wealth corner.”

The calming or serenity Buddha, which brings peace and calm, is best placed on your meditation area. Placing the serenity Buddha there will be able to help you focus more on your daily introspections. The serenity Buddha appears to have his eyes closed. He is sitting in a lotus or double lotus position, and his hands are on his lap, with his palms up.

Meanwhile Kevin Love Cavaliers Jersey , the protection Buddha statue can be placed inside your home in order to provide protection or to help you conquer your fears. In this type of statue, you can find Buddha in a sitting or standing position. One hand is on his knee, while the other is raised up to his chest. If you want to be protected from anger, fear, delusion Jordan Clarkson Cavaliers Jersey , or to simply have courage, you should get a protection Buddha statue.

If you are looking to buy a brass Buddha statue, it is best to get it from a reputable online seller. The best online shops sell statues that are made by local Indian artisans. If you want a unique and rare statue, buy artisan-made products instead of mass-produced ones.

About the Author:

This article was written by Krishna Kumar Bansal, owner of CraftVatika. CraftVatika is an online store for authentic Indian handicraft and other Indian products like clothing and jewelry. All of our products are handmade by the expert artisans from across India. We sell jewelry made up of silver and stone J.R. Smith Cavaliers Jersey , marble decoration item, Indian gifts, brass statues, sculptures and other Indian handicraft.

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About the Author

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